Monday, October 27, 2008

Tough Times...

Me and Mike get barely any time to spend together. He is so busy with school and work, and I have school and work too, and they seem to always be CONFLICTING with his schedule. So... Basically.. me and mike have two real days we get to be together... We have: Saturday nights (when I get out of school at 5), and Sundays (which is usually after 6 at night). It has been this way for quite a while now... So.. It has been pretty tough on us both. It seems like we never really see each other, and I can't wait for that to change. So... I did something out of the ordinary two days a week thing tonight, and I drove over to see my baby... We had a good time... Mostly just sat around with his mom and grandma, and looked at some old books, pics, and letters from our past. When I left his house tonight... It made me so sad because it's like... I hate the whole goodbye part...! XO Bee'nMike


On the rock at Jack Miners ♥
At Colasantis Cider Mill~French Fries, Donuts, Uncle Mike's Bday Cake,... So much good food!
     ♡The 4 of Us... 9 More Months!!!♡
         The L❤Ve of my Life

We had such a great time at Colasantis with the family. It is my FAVORITE tradition BY FAR!!! Start off at nana and papa's house, and head out to Canada. One we get past the border, sandwiches at the Italia Bakery. Then from there, we head out to John Abbruzzese orchard to pick some of the most amazing apples in the world. Then, Colasantis for our traditional petting zoo, donut, and french fry fest. This year, we had a huge birthday cake for Uncle Mike, and we had Uncle Tony passing out the cake to all of the strangers. Then... Jack Miners (which barely had any geese this year for some strange reason)... And this year... Lafayette coney island for some dogs, chili, and MORE fries... haha.. Wow... Basically just a day of eating... But all in all... my favorite time of year, and favorite tradition of the year. So many good memories... I hope this tradition never dies... XO BEEnMIKE

Home sweet Home?

So, here is the story. After Mike and I had gone off on a house/condo searching rampage, and were still left not knowing what we wanted to do... I made a decision... No more looking until we are closer to next August. So... Saturday (Sweetest day) comes, and me and Mike were just going to make dinner at my house and chill out. Mike drives over to my house, and says, "Okay, I know we weren't going to look at any more places, but a house just went up in Rochester Hills three days ago, and it going for a really good price." "There are no pictures posted online, and since it is so close to your house, let's just swing over there, and look at it really quick." So, I figure.. Okay,... We might as well. So we drive over the house, and look around in the yard, and the front (and even trying to peer in the windows without looking suspicious to the neighbors ha), and we both think... Wow,,... this is pretty nice... something HAS to be wrong with the inside... It is probably trashed because it is bank owned. So we call Aunt Bonnie that night, and tell her the news... Sunday comes, and Mike runs his SECOND marathon in TWO weeks! After that, we meet up with Aunt Bonnie at the house.  It has three bedrooms, one bathroom, basement, fireplace, some hardwoods, New windows, newer furnace, roof, electric... but it is GREAT need of some TLC... So we put an offer in, and we GOT IT! Now... We are just waiting for a few more checkups with the water and gas... So we will know in the next couple of days!!! We are so excited!!!! XO BEEnMIKE