Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Miss my moon

Me and Mike got to see each other this whole past weekend (which NEVER happens by the way), and I think I just got way too spoiled with all of his attention. Tonight, I was really going through some Mike withdrawals, and it is so funny because I just saw him yesterday, and today I'm thinking "wow... I really miss that boy...." He is just the cutest best thing that was ever invented ;) 
This past Saturday, I threw him his first "real" birthday party. Me and Amber had a double surprise party for him and jesse, and yes... they were both very surprised. It was a lot of fun. Tomorrow night is our first week of the 6 for pre-marital counseling through the church, so I am pretty excited for that. Anyways, We'll keep you posted. 

Love, Bee n' Mike XOX

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Seth&Lexi VanderVlucht said...

we're all ready for a new post now ;)