Tuesday, March 17, 2009

We L♥VE our bathroom

Me n' my moonbeam
So, when we first bought this house, our bathroom was pretty much a dump. We decided to paint it the dark dark purple (which a lot of people had their doubts about :)   ), and then I found this decorative wood molding at Michaels. Because our "cut in" job was far from perfect due to our uneven ceiling and lumpy walls, it was driving me crazy. So I painted the molding black, and nailed them up. It ended up turning out really nice, and it was soooo cheap (but time consuming). So at least we love our bathroom, but now we have the rest of the house to do :)
All in good time....

This past weekend, Uncle Mike, Rachel, My dad, and a few other people stopped by and helped out. It makes such a difference when we have a good team working on the house. We finally got to painting the back room, and we are now left with the kitchen and the basement. We are planning on sanding down all of our OLD oak cabinets in the kitchen, and re-staining them... That is going to take A LOT of patience. Anyways, we are getting excited, and we have a moving day! It will be nice to have Mike only 7 minutes from my parents house. :) 

xox Love, Mike n' Bee

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Kristen said...

You're bathroom looks so cute :)
See, I decided to get one of these accounts just to leave you comments ;) I can't wait to see the kitchen when it's all finished! Love you! <3